Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of vessel charter

1. Safety procedures must be observed at all times. The Skipper`s decision on the day is final in all matters relating to the vessel.
2. Instructions or advice given by the Skipper or Crew on matters of safety must be observed by all on board and clients must, at all times, take all reasonable precautions for their own and others safety.
3. Neither the Skipper nor Crew accept any liability for any accident or injury by any passenger on board the vessel engaged in fishing, angling, sightseeing, photography, filming, whilst in transit or similar activities, caused by the actions of any other passenger on board howsoever occurring.
4. Children under the age of 12 may only be carried under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.
5. Any medical conditions that may affect the safety of passengers or the boat must be notified to the Skipper or at time of booking.

General Fishing
While every reasonable effort is made to ensure quality fishing, we do not accept any responsibility for any circumstances beyond our control, e.g. tides and moon phases, feeding patterns of fish and weather conditions amongst others. Where the vessel is chartered to fish for a specific purpose and weather or other conditions on the day prevent this, the charterers will make every effort to provide a safe alternative trip, and the client shall have no further claim against us.

1. We shall not be liable for any death, injury or damage, loss, delay or irregularity, which may be caused by persons or conditions beyond our control. We accept no responsibility for any losses or additional expense caused by delays in changes to transport or other services, strikes, war, weather or other causes.
2. Clients must refrain from throwing rubbish overboard – the Disposal of Garbage at Sea Act makes this an offence. Please respect our beautiful Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park.
3. Any breakages, loss of equipment provided or damage caused on board as a result of client`s misbehaviour, irresponsibility or carelessness will be charged to the client.
4.If any passenger is found to be in possession of anything illegal, or engages in behaviour causing danger to themselves or other persons or property on board, including consumption of alcohol to excess, then he or she will be put ashore at the first opportunity and the authorities notified as may be necessary. Any such passenger(s) shall free and release the vessel owner/skipper from any liabilities, incidental costs or responsibility arising out of any breach of this condition.
5. The Skipper reserves the right to accept or refuse any charter.